5 Surprising Ways Pearls Can Improve Wellness


For centuries, societies around the world have been fascinated by the unique qualities of pearls. With their perfectly spherical shape and iridescent color, pearls are a symbol of peace, tranquility, wisdom and beauty in many cultures. However, this mineral offers more than aesthetic value. Much like burning sage or meditating, spiritual experts have admired pearls for their ability to promote balance, calm and a feeling of centeredness and positivity. Scientific researchers have also been fascinated by pearls, noting their potential use as a wellness tool and supplement. From improving skin complexion to minimizing stress, pearls can provide several benefits to improve everyday living. See below for the top five healing properties of pearls.

1. They Can Help You Wake Up Energized
Ananda Queen Adjustable Base Sleep System

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pearls are considered a “Shen” or “Mind,” stabilizer that balances cognitive functions, like thinking, planning and emotion. As such, TCM practitioners frequently prescribe pearls as medicine to treat anxiety, insomnia and mood irregularities. Comprised of over 30 trace elements, pearls may get their calming characteristics from magnesium, one of the body’s essential minerals. While magnesium manages everything from cardiovascular function to bone wellness, it is especially useful for promoting sleep. By increasing GABA, a neurotransmitter that regulates the body’s stress response and promotes feelings of calmness, magnesium can help people unwind for a better night’s sleep. Magnesium has also shown to decrease the likelihood of developing sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome, so people can sleep soundly and wake up feeling completely refreshed. To help achieve the best quality sleep possible, the Ananda mattress is made with real pearls, which contribute to overall rest and relaxation.

2. They Can Keep the Body Cool and Comfortable

In Ayurveda, one of the world’s most ancient holistic healing systems, pearls, known as “Moti Bhasma,” are primarily used to treat temperature imbalances in the body. Ayurvedic practitioners consider pearls “a natural coolant” that regulates temperatures in the body, making it an excellent cure for fevers and other heat-related ailments. Combining pearls with advanced cooling technology, the Ananda mattress keeps the body cool and comfortable for a more rejuvenating and energizing sleep.

3. They Can Prevent Signs of Aging

Rich in proteins, peptides and amino acids, pearls offer an abundance of antioxidants to support overall wellness. Antioxidants are well-known in the medical world for their powerful healing properties and research has linked them to wide range of wellness benefits, including preventing signs of aging, protecting against diseases and lessening inflammation. A 2018 study published in the Journal of Food and Drug Analysis uncovered that subjects who use pearls as a supplement are more likely to demonstrate higher antioxidant capacity and activity, as well as decreased signs of aging. As a result, these researchers are looking into the possibility of using pearls as a mainstream treatment for a variety of age-related degenerative disorders.

4. They Can Give You Radiant Skin

Dating as far back as 320 AD, pearls have been used to improve skin wellness. The precious mineral proved to be so effective that Chinese Empress Wu Zetian herself applied pearls to her skin to achieve a lustrous glow. Today, pearls are a common ingredient in many skincare products, as they are known to brighten dark undereye circles, boost moisture, decrease inflammation and even minimize signs of aging. These incredible wellness benefits can be attributed to pearl’s high concentration of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and amino acids. When exposed to the skin, pearls can stimulate collagen production to produce a more vibrant, youthful appearance.

5. They Can Keep the Body Strong

Since nearly every cell in the body requires calcium to function properly, finding a steady supply is vastly important. Luckily, pearls is one of the richest sources of calcium in the world. Not only are pearls up to 80 percent calcium by weight, they can also be absorbed twice as fast as other calcium supplements. With a steady calcium supply, the body can efficiently stimulate the production of new bones, strengthen bones and teeth, maintain a normal heartbeat and efficiently send and receive nerve signals. Pearls can also help sustain calcium levels over time to prevent the development of bone-related ailments, like osteoporosis.

From supporting skin wellness to contributing to a better night’s rest, pearls are an excellent way to heal the mind and body. Featuring real crushed pearls, Ananda’s pearl and gel infused mattress conforms to the body’s unique shape, providing a one-of-a-kind sleep experience.   


Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only. Ananda does not promote or recommend the consumption or topical use of pearls. If you are considering using pearl supplements, please consult your physician.