8 Fun Activities for the Family at Home

Regardless of how many toys or video games a child has you can never escape the phrase: “I’m BORED”. If listing solo activities isn’t good enough it’s time to invoke some good ol’ family bonding time. Kids love spending time and getting creative with their parents. Now is a perfect time than any to start creating more positive family memories.

1. Paint

    Bring out your inner Bob Ross and start painting happy little trees with the kids. Painting is a fun, creative and a time-consuming activity😊. Any paint will do but watercolor or acrylic is probably the least messy and easiest clean up. If you don’t have any paint at home follow Martha Stewarts easy “How to Make Watercolor Paint” tutorial here. Not sure what to paint? Pull out a piece of fruit or a teddy bear and start painting away. You can also pull up a Bob Ross landscape painting tutorial on YouTube and follow along together. 

    2. Make an Obstacle Course

      Use couch cushions, pillows, boxes, hula hoops, you name it. Anything that you can find to build an obstacle course. Make sure the path is large enough so parents can participate and that its safe for everyone. For older children you can turn it into a competition by timing it, make the race even more enticing by granting the winner a week without washing dishes😊.

      3. Treasure Hunt-“X” Marks the Spot

      Kids love the thrill of the hunt, hide some treasures in the house and then create some clues and a map for them to follow.  Watch them have a blast figuring it all out. This one will be more of a spectator sport for the parents, but you and your spouse can always participate by hiding a treasure for each other to find.  Make this activity even more enjoyable by having the whole family dress and talk like pirates. You can extend the theme of the activity by watching a pirate or treasure themed movie or hosting a seafaring seafood themed family meal, fish sticks for the kids and real seafood for the adults.

      4. Pillow Fort

      Break out all the pillows, blankets, sheets, couch cushions and start building with the kids. Use couch cushions or firmer pillows for the walls and sheets for the roof. Ananda pillows make great fort walls, they are firm enough to hold their shape but soft and conforming to the touch. Make plans to create either one giant fort or multiple smaller forts. Build it tall enough so it will be easier for the parents to slip inside. Once the fort is built play a card game or host a tea party inside together.  Flashlights are a great light source, so bring those inside the fort as well. 

      5. Family Reading Time

      Choose a chapter book that is age appropriate and read a chapter out loud. Set aside some time daily to read a few pages or a chapter.  Mystery novels are the most interactive, the family can work together to try to solve the mystery. 

      6. Movie Night at Home

      Have a traditional movie night in pajamas. Pick an on-demand movie together to watch or stream a new movie that the whole family hasn’t seen. Have the family dress in pajamas, matching ones are even better, and make sure to bring out the pillows and blankets. No movie night is complete without popcorn and snacks so bring those out as well.

      7. Hide and Seek in the Dark

      This is a fun easy classic, keep it safe by lighting the rooms up just enough that you can see a path and any objects in the way.  Make sure to remove any possible hazards throughout the rooms.

      8. Box Car Racing

      I’m sure everyone has a few delivery boxes lying around; why not have some fun with them?! Use boxes big enough for your kids and decorate them with markers, felt and construction paper. Your kids will have custom race cars in minutes… vroom vroom. Set up a finish line and if you have enough people, race to the finish line. For hard floors place a towel underneath the box to keep from scraping the floors. Not only will kids have a blast but the parents will get a great workout 😊. Laundry baskets will also work if boxes are not readily available or sturdy enough.


      Remember to have fun and practice all activities safely.