Why Raising the Head of Your Mattress Can Be a Bedtime Game-Changer

Ananda Cal King Split Adjustable Base Sleep System

Peace, harmony, and joy…. Restful sleep brings forth balance and vitality, and yet, few adults experience this form of restorative sleep on a daily basis. In the US alone, 50 to 70 million people are affected by sleep-related issues ranging from disorders such as sleep apnea to medical conditions including restless leg syndrome. Sleep is directly connected to wellness and energy, so for those experiencing restless nights, the impact on their relationships, productivity, and general health can be severe. Solutions to chronic sleep interruptions have been sought far and wide. Luckily, sleep-deprived adults need to look no further as one change can make a dramatic difference - lifting the head of your bed.  Below are five common bedtime concerns that can be improved through the use of an adjustable bed.


As many as 25% of all adults are habitual snorers, which occurs during sleep when the tissues surrounding the upper airways vibrate. Snoring can be caused by a variety of factors including the anatomy of the mouth, consumption of alcohol, chronic nasal congestion and sleep position, among others. Sleeping on one’s back on a flat surface can exacerbate snoring behavior, as this inferior sleep position narrows the airway which leads to more forceful airflow and increased tissue vibration. Lifting the head of the mattress reduces pressure on the windpipe, opening the airway and improving airflow. Ananda’s adjustable sleep system includes a pre-programmed anti-snore setting, positioning the upper body at the ideal angle for restful sleep for both the chronic snorer and their partner, who’s sleep has likely been disrupted as well.

Acid Reflux & GERD

Also known as heartburn, acid indigestion or pyrosis, acid reflux occurs when acidic contents from the stomach travel up the esophagus. This painful condition creates burning in the lower chest and can cause other symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, nausea and interrupted sleep. A physician is the best resource for addressing the medical implications and treatment of acid reflux and GERD. Elevating the head of a mattress can also help to alleviate nighttime discomfort. When lying flat, backflow of acid from the stomach can reach higher through the esophagus, reaching as far as the throat and larynx. Sleeping at an upright angle manages the mobility of stomach acid in the gastrointestinal system. Ideally at a 6 or 8-inch incline, Ananda’s Sleep System allows for customization of the articulation degree based on what’s most effective for the individual, allowing for increased nighttime comfort and improved quality of sleep.

Back Pain

Man Sleeping

The spine is subject to consistent pressure from day-to-day activities and at rest, the spine, surrounding muscles and ligaments seek support so that they can relax and restore. Traditional mattresses are unable to provide much-needed contouring and can actually add pressure to the vertebrae and sciatic nerve, prolonging and worsening back pain over time while interrupting sleep. This discomfort can then affect the day, as pain remains upon waking and influences the body’s ability to perform routine functions. Rather, elevating the upper body during rest can relieve compression from the lower back. An upwards angle also prevents strain on the neck while reducing the need for multiple pillows, for a simpler and more comfortable sleep environment. A quality memory foam mattress adds additional support by hugging the natural curvature of the spine. Ananda’s fully adjustable Sleep System combines these supportive features for a singularly exceptional sleep experience. Plus, a customized, raised leg position provides enhanced support for a healthy back and optimal sleep. At zero gravity, a position achieved with a simple click of a button, the body experiences the alleviation of all pressure points and reduces all weight from the spine for a fully supported back, legs and neck.

Elevating the head of a mattress has many benefits for adults experiencing sleep disruption. This practice has been found in nature, with several land animal species preferring to sleep with their heads uphill. Ancient civilizations have also been discovered to have adopted this practice. Only in contemporary society have flat sleep positions become the norm. Ananda’s innovative sleep system combines holistic wellness practices with modern technology, creating the opportunity for a truly serene and restorative sleep experience.