The Great Debate: Which Sleep Position is the Healthiest?

Women Sleeping on Bed

Side or stomach? Flat back or fetal position?

For years, people have debated which sleep position is best and, now, it’s time to set the record straight. Analyzing research from leading sleep experts, we uncovered the pros and cons of America’s most popular sleep positions. To see where your preferred sleep style ranks on our list, keep reading.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach may feel like a natural, comfortable sleep style, but, to maximize health benefits, you may need to make some adjustments to your sleep routine. When you fall asleep on your stomach, your body can be thrown out of alignment, which puts strain on the neck and back. As a result, sleeping on your stomach could cause you to wake up with a stiff neck or lower back pain. In addition, the Better Sleep Council has also found stomach sleepers are more likely to toss and turn in the night, leading to a decline in sleep quality. For those who prefer sleeping on their stomach, specialists recommend using a very soft pillow or no pillow at all, which will alleviate neck and back pressure and promote a better night’s rest. Offering medium firmness, the Ananda mattress provides a supportive base that maintains alignment, making it an ideal choice for stomach sleepers.

The Fetal Position

According to The Better Sleep Council, the fetal position is one of the most popular sleep styles in America, with 47 percent of adults favoring this choice. Characterized by a curved back with the knees tucked into the chest, this sleep position provides several benefits, such as boosting circulation and opening up airways for a more rejuvenating rest. This option is especially helpful during pregnancy, especially when sleeping on the left side, as it minimizes pressure on the uterus, liver and other internal organs. Fetal position sleepers can also benefit from placing a pillow between their knees, as it keeps the  spine aligned while removing any stress on the lower back.

Snorer? Try Sleeping on Your Side

Man and Woman Sleeping on Ananda Cal King Split Adjustable Base Sleep System

Simply defined by the National Sleep Foundation as “noisy breathing during sleep,” snoring is an incredibly common occurrence that affects approximately 90 million American adults. From allergies to genetics, there are many factors that can cause snoring and, oftentimes, the experience is completely harmless. However, as people age, snoring can develop into more serious health issues, like sleep apnea, which can disrupt sleep cycles and even decrease oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Luckily, side sleeping is an excellent way for snorers to sleep comfortably while maintaining steady airflow throughout the body. Sleeping on your side while maintaining a straight spine opens airways, so your body can get the oxygen it needs to feel energized the next day. If you snore at night, Ananda’s adjustable base offers a variety of features to help you achieve a better night’s rest, including a convenient Anti-Snore setting that tilts the body upwards to promote airflow.

The Winner: Sleeping on Your Back

Sleep experts agree that there is one sleep position that supports health and wellness on every level: lying on your back. While this sleep style is one of the least popular – only eight percent of the U.S. population prefer it – it has proven to provide the most health benefits of any other option. Why? Sleeping on your back promotes the alignment of the head, neck and spine, which, in turn, minimizes pressure. In this neutral, stress-free state, the body can achieve the best rest possible, so you can continue living a healthy, happy life. It is important to note, however, that sleeping on your back can obstruct your airways, so, if you have a condition like sleep apnea, be sure to consult a doctor before modifying your sleep routine.

No matter what sleep position you prefer, you can experience a balancing and rejuvenating rest with the Ananda sleep system. Combining an adjustable base with a signature memory foam mattress, this state-of-the-art sleep system can be customized to match your unique sleep style. Click here to purchase your sleep system today.